Friday, 3 June 2011

A Young Woman Deserving of a Standing Ovation

Senate Page Brigette DePape

(or is it Brigette Marcelle? there appears to be some conflict on the point of her surname)

I would like to extend this young woman my thanks for her moral courage and wit.

May hers be only the first of many barbs sunk deep into the hide of Stephen Harper and his Government.


Sir Francis said...

I think she deserves an Order of Canada. Let’s take one away from an undeserving fraud, like Jack Granatstein, and give it to her.

Uncommoner said...

I think I'd rather see her receive something more substantial. Having seen that interview she gave on CBC, she's intelligent and certainly has the courage of her convictions.

A medal is one thing, I'd rather hand her some ability to enact positive change.

Maybe we could draft her to run for the Liberal leadership? *chuckle*