Tuesday, 3 May 2011


We, collectively, are Fucked.

I'm sorry if that seems harsh. It's still true.

Fuck you.

If anyone in this fuckwit country had been paying attention for the last five years, I wouldn't be watching this happening. Let me refresh your memories with a few choice images:
-an elderly man being arrested by helmeted thugs, his prosthetic leg forcibly removed.
-prisoners handed over into torture by Canadian troops.
-a three time convicted, disbarred lawyer working in the Prime Minister's Office while his prostitute mistress collects a salary he arranged through patronage.
-a Canadian General commanding an airstrike that ended with the death of several children under the age of twelve. Children murdered because a Canadian gave the order.
-the largest mass arrest in Canada's history, incarcerated women threatened with gang rape.
-one hundred and fifty five of Canada's soldiers dead in a mountain land where Empires go to die.
-twenty two Canadians dead of listeriosis because the Conservative government loosened regulations and procedures.
-a Prime Minister who is on record saying Canada is shameful for its socialized medicine.
-an environmental catastrophe so large that it can be viewed from space, shepherded by a Conservative government so disinterested in the environment that their environment minister resigned rather than make his annual reports.

Are you smiling? Do the memories cheer you up? The little people suffering as they should be while your life goes on so utterly unchanged? Good. You've finally gotten the government you wanted. You've finally got the government you deserve. The RCMP can do what they like, the CPC can do what they like, the Corporations can do whatever they like and so can you.

Without your government mandated medical care, public education, civil rights or human rights of course, but you weren't even using those were you? Everything will be just fine, business as usual, smiles and sunshine everywhere...

Provided you don't get in the way of the CPC, the Corporations and the RCMP.

What could be more delightful than this, you ask? Why, you get to pay them for the privilege. Oh yes, and don't worry, your loss is their gain and that's just how they like it.

Do you like it when people in authority they don't deserve lie to your face? When they break the law and laugh when you point it out?

Congratulations. We're all in this together now, and we will be for the next four years.

Fuck you.

And Fuck Me too.

Because with a Harper Conservative Majority, ALL of us are Fucked.


ck said...

U summed it up very well. Except one thing; there won't be another election again! One of those constitutional snags steve will rid himself of. Worst of all, steve cqn say it's the will of the people as we always hear thethey ne er want to go to the pfolls.m whine about how

thwap said...

I promise to blog less and act in the first person more.

I am ashamed of my country.

900ft Jesus said...

some of those con supporters are the little people too - my whole riding is like that - a lot of elderly, retired people who need lots of health care. Stupid, stupid cattle

Uncommoner said...

The biggest problem I can see is that the one man who most hates the Canada I grew up in now has carte blanche to change anything he wants.

How can we survive that sort of power in the hands of a self-interested sociopath?