Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Stephen Harper Vision of Canada

Warren Kinsella offers a glance.

These fine folk offer a retrospective.

This is what my nation has in store for it, if Stephen Harper is given a majority mandate. Take a good long look and ask yourself if that is the kind of Canada you'd like to live in.

I love my country, but I really don't recognize it anymore. We've fallen so far from the ideals I always pictured when I thought of Canada. We are better than Stephen Harper would have us, and we can be better than he imagines us. He is a vile, petty, vindictive controlling man and his vision is so limited and so broken that it drives me to rage.

What maddens me all the more is that for all his lies, for all his crimes, Canadians seem blinded. It baffles me that people will still listen to him and support him, after everything that he and his people have done. What is wrong with these people?

And if he wins a majority, what will we do then? Will the Liberals and the NDP have the moral courage to stop their petty, useless sniping at one another and form a coalition with the Bloc?

Is any one of the so called 'leaders' willing to set politics aside and act not for their own power and gain but for Canada's benefit?

Have the lies and the rot set in so deep that Harper's vision for Canada is what we deserve?

The day after the election we'll know. If Harper wins, will Canadians fight back and prove that we deserve something better?

Or will we sink back into our chairs and settle our blinders more comfortably on our heads and hope that it will all pass us by without affecting us directly?

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